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m4 mag tube removal


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The tube is put on there with an epoxy on the threads and its almost impossible to remove w/o heating it. I tried heatin it with a hair dyer for like 20 mins but the temp just wouldnt rise enuff to loosen the epoxy. I bought a heat gun from Lowe's and after bout 6 mins of heating the tube on all sides while holding it with an oven glove, it loosened right up and came off..alot of epoxy was left in the threads on the reciever so i quickly threaded my new tube back on while it was melted and now my factory full length tube is a strong as the one from the factory was. Bottomline is you have to heat it and heat it enough to break it free but you best wear an oven glove or have someone help you hold it but once the epoxy is loose, nothin to it.

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