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Hello all. New member and new Benelli owner. I just got my Super Nova a few days ago. I've cleaned it twice now but want to see if I missed anything.


First of all, after the first cleaning I took it out for a trial run and the shotgun smelled something awful after I finished up shooting. Is that the cosmolene causing that, or something else?


Beyond that, I have never owned a shotgun before. What are some tips for cleaning it? Do I lube the pump on this thing? Anything you have, I'll listen! I want to make sure this thing is going for a long time because it was love at first shot and I am hoping to take it out hunting.

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http://www.shotgunworld.com/guncare.html go to bottom of page in center"Basic Shotgun Cleaning" this is a generic cleaning process and open owners manual and use it and i know it does not go into detail on cleaning but still use for reference on assy!make sure to use lint free cotton rags and find a place ya do not care about getting dirty to do it! were did the cosmoline come from? try here also http://www.vaapensport.com/ebennova.html try this link by going to benelli home page and find the "Links" tab and click on it and go to Italian section and click on english mode and check out their manuals goes into detail on stripping gun down and just remove dirt and crud with appropriate cleaner and make sure ya do not use caustic cleanears on exterior finish! I would use Hoppes #9 and fixxin to purchase some lube called MILITEC-1 since benelli lube is hard to find and just do not over lube and get brushes into all the tight spaces and repeat till its clean and just lightly oil interior metal surfaces!
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