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Price M1S90 Tactical Pistol Grip


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I have found a guy on an auction who is selling one for 650.00 including shipping. It is an older one that has moderate use, i.e. a few handling marks. It has a side saddle and sling included. This seems like a excellent price to me. I have never bought a gun on the internet from an individual. He wants full pymt. up front of course and he wants to ship it to the FFL of my choice. So, how do I keep from getting ripped on this deal? Thanks for any input.



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Full payment up front and shipment to an FFL is normal.


If its an auction - like GunBroker - check the sellers feedback. See if he's sold similar items and if his customers left positive feedback. If its the first item he's selling, I'd be a little more cautious; you might email him and see if he'll give you a phone number so you can talk to him; that may give you a better feel for the seller, a chance to ask questions, and make sure he knows what he's doing at his end.


You can also use an escrow service, a third party which holds the funds for the transaction until the buyer is satisfied. However, some services charge, and most sellers are hesitant to use one. A $650 gun doesn't usually rate that level of protection; but folks who sell guns in the $10k+ range will routinely use one.


I've bought and sold dozen's of items - including some high dollar HKs - on GunBroker and only had a problem once, and that was with a difficult buyer.


Make sure to have the gun insured when it is shipped.

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