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which shim?


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Which gun are you asking about, and why would you need to order a shim? did ya buy a used gun? No manual? just a little help would be helpful!! If your shooting a benelli it goes like this POI Low raise stock, POI high lower stock, by using the correct shim and it is not that hard to figure out how this is done if you have a manual. Only takes about 10 minutes to adjust but then ya gotta take it and pattern it again, Also make sure you have your butt stock as level against the shoulder as possible not heel up or heel down! ya need to shoulder it the same or as close to same as possible very time ya shoulder it! follow all cautions and warnings but do not be shy about this simple adjustment. When we find out which gun you are speaking about it will be easier to answer your question especially if it's not a benelli!!

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http://gunshowonthenet.com/Gun_Manuals/Gun_Manuals6/Stoeger%20M2000.pdf as far as modifying your shotgun that would probably be up to you and Stoeger, i did not see any shims listed in your manual if you do have the M2000! I would find a good smith and get his opinion before i drilled something but sounds like you know what ya need! you have to raise stock to raise POI!! So how will this shim work by drilling a hole and you will need to use a corresponding metal backer plate to keep from warpping your rod i think? That's what benelli says in their manuals for shim adjusting!!
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