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Sights for m4


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Hey all, I was wondering if any of yalls experience any trouble with yalls front sight?


The thing is the sight seems to dance and tad bit, and I try to tighten it up, but the thing is that the post seems to twist whenever I tighten it up.


I was wondering if anyone made a solid front sight post with the blades already attached in one piece? So I dont have to bother with trying to straighten the sight everytime I tighten the front sight post on the m4.


Any suggestion or possiblities?

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I did infact searched the forum before posting, however the only sights that I was able to see were the ones that are just like the factory ones just with the tritium inside, I'm looking for something that is one piece and is connected to the front blades, the post keeps dacing between the front blades too much. I guess I'll to keep looking some more but if anyone else has some suggestions, I'm open them.

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I too had the same problem when I installed the tritium front post. Trying to hold the blade parallel with the front wings, then holding this centered and parallel to the barrel while trying to tighten the tiny nut was too much.


I ended up taking a small dot of five minute epoxy and glued the front blade into the protective wings as a first step, making sure the blade was parallel to the wings. Once this cured, I could then easily hold the wing/blade assembly in once place centered as one unit in order to tighten the nut.


In case you're worried about repairability, I did this before I had to send my 4 port barrel back for replacement. Not wanting to loose my new tritium blade when I sent the barrel back, I removed the wing/blade unit and then touched the tip of a soldering iron to the underside of the wings where the epoxy had been placed. Within a few seconds, the glue softened and the tritium blade popped out. I cleaned the residue and then replaced the factory blade so I could return the barrel. Worked great !

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