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What's the different between the Benelli M1 and the Benelli M2?


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The M2 has a Crio treated barrel and choke tubes, larger trigger guard opening and Comfortech stock if so equipped along with quick change pads for adjustable LOP, shim kit for drop and cast adjustments and stainless action spring tube assembly. Thats the main differences off the top of my head.

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I have both guns and love them both. The M2 has the new technological advances and is very light feeling in the hands-- more so than the actual weight differential. In short, it handles better, but I've always thought the M1 is such a killer becasue it throws up to the shoulder so nicely. They both pattern like the blazes and just flat out hit hard and make clean kills. They are both soft reciol autos but the advances in the M2 are noticeable.


The M1 has a solid milled trigger guard and a generally more "solid" feel--maybe that's the few extra ounces.


Most importantly, what the M1 has that the M2 lacks is a functional carrier (release) latch for maually releasing shells from the magazine without cycling them through the chamber. M2 part # 057B. You are supposed to be able to do this with the M2's but they will not, short of a Hercluean effort. The latch was stiffened up in the M2 and the shell retainer is more aggressively formed; I reckon to keep shells from popping out of the mag prematurely during a shot (something I've never had happen with my M1; it was a bugaboo with the old Ithaca #37's).


I will be contradicted about this by at least one of the Benelli techs cruising this site but my answer to that is-- go try a new M2 off the rack in any gauge. Put a shell down the mag, and try to release it and you'll see what I mean- the shell retainer latch cannot be properly operated. Result: to unload shells from the M2 magazine, they all get cycled through the breech, like it or not. But if you've developed a quick and easy unload routine like the M1 owners have, you won't like that restriction. Less safe too.


Any auto Benelli is still in a league all it's own-- reliability, toughness, and hard hitting guns. I wouldn't let go of either gun.

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