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Question on Benelli parts interchange...M1 S90 to M1-121.


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Hello All:


I realize this might be a long-shot, but before I explore getting the part " one-off " reproduced ( an expensive option ) I thought I'd ask.


I have a Benelli M1-121 ( I know some fellow forum members own and enjoy them...they are cool. ) that I am bringing back to 100% condition ( not very loved by its previous owner...but very worthwile to restore. )


Besides the fact that almost EVERY part of this older model is hard to find...some shop-monkey pulled the often executed but unforgivable crime of putting a pair of pliers to the fore-end cap ( open top variant to accept the longer mag. tube... ) I mean, it is really bunged-up. Unacceptable.


Anyway...I was wondering if anyone knew if the threaded open top fore-end cap for a Benelli M1 super 90 ( the M1-121's 1st cousin... ) would fit and function on the Benelli M1-121.


I figure I would rather have a factory part that fit, albeit from a different vintage.


Thanks in advance for any help or advice...


Also..if anyone knows where to score parts for this model ( M1-121 ) I would be all ears... Brownells & Numrich have a limited selection...but them's the breaks.


Thanks again...

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yes my 121 m1 brother,,the threading is the same,,just look at some old gun test and you will see the 121 m1 parts on the super 90,,plus i did it already :)what other parts are you looking for?? I was very fortunate and bought my a virgin unfired with all the timmings not yet a year ago,,1983 vintage,,show some pics of yours smile.gif 317329.jpg


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Hey...Thanks for the good news!


Besides the fore-end cap...I am looking for a factory butt-plate...


I'm glad the threading for the fore-end cap is the same...I will still look for a factory 121 replacement but if my hand is forced...I think there would be greater evils than utilizing M1 Super 90 parts in a pinch.


Good for you on the SWEET NIB find...kinda rare...and very under-rated. I think the reason why you don't see so many of the plain & mean M1-121's is that they are still on Police arsenal racks and in prison gun rooms...


I will post pics once she's off the ventilator... (restored)


thanks again....

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