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Limb Saver Question


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I've been looking into putting Limb Savers on a few of my shotguns. The Nova is a no brainer as the pad just presses into the stock. However, with my M1 I'm not so sure. Mine is the tactical model and all the LS's list the M1 Synthetic (not tactical). What's the difference? The only thing I could think of would be that the stock dimensions are a little different. If so, would a grind to fit LS pad be a possiblility?



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The LS Nova pad is far from a no-brainer. It does not slip fit like the factory pad. It comes with a cheap plastic adapter that stripped out on me after 3-4 installations on my SBE II. I really hate the design.


I do not see a grind to fit LS anywhere. I don't they are designed to grind. I bet your M1 tactical takes the regular M1 LS pad.


mudhen - CA

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