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M4 magazine tube and Flashlight?


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Anyone ever removed the useless civilian "prosthetic" mag-tube extention,

and then mounted a flashlight inside the welded ring that hangs down from the end of the barrel?


I might be willing to accept the limited 5-round magazine capacity,

IF I can get a weapon light to fit where the +2 mag extension (or full length tube) would normally go?


Thanx, Dave.

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It should be very possable as the mag tube is one inch and many popular flashlight tubes are one inch. You would need a coupler to seal off the mag tube and attach the flashlight, you would also need to either measure the flashlight to ensure it tightly locks the barrel in the receiver when the flashlight was screwed into the mag tube, or alternately, have an adjustable lock ring of some sort on the flashlight tube for this purpose. Buy the light you want, then spend some time online looking for the misc. parts. Car preformance sites would have a lot of cool anodized aluminum conecters and stuff. Good luck.

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I’m glad to see Dave and others mentioning this possibility. It’s something that I wondered about as soon as I took my M4 out of the box as a way of feeling better about the aesthetically displeasing look of that, “useless civilian "prosthetic" mag-tube extension”. If they would built it and it worked I’d very likely buy it.

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