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Hunting History


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I could not help but reflect on some of the stories I had heard growing up as a kid while my dad and uncles recounted stories of hunting while they were kids and young men. Tucker I have you to blame for this!!! You had to post your account of your banded duck... hehe As I thought about tucks duck ( no pun intended) Well that's a lie! I did think about some of those stories I had heard, including one where they had gone into the flooded creek bottom near the old family homeplace to hunt ducks one morning. The skies that morning according to all there was literally black with ducks and many were taken that day. One Uncle shot once and dropped six ducks in that one shot. Sounds hard to believe? Well it was true as voiced by the consensus of the brothers who hunted that day.


These are days long gone and now at the age of 50+ I can't help but think back to those days sitting wide eyed, keeping quiet as a kid listening to those days gone by. We will never see days like those in our lifetimes or our childrens lifetimes, but those of us that have heard the stories of the past need to pass them on to those coming after us.


I grew up hunting and fishing and even some of the great hunting I enjoyed will no longer be available to even my kids. So if any of you have a memory to tell, I and maybe a few others would appreciate hearing some of those stories.

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When Bass Pro Shop opened their doors in Bossier City, Louisana my dad made a copy of my grandfathers first hunting license and gave it to BPS. It is the oldest hunting license that is currently known to exist in Louisana. It is displayed at the customer service counter.

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