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  1. I would look at the Beretta's. I have not had a problem with mine and it fires first time every time and it shoots better than the Benellis or the Remingtons I own.
  2. If your going to get an aftermarket barrel I would check with Hastings. I have bought two and was pleased with both. Not sure if they make a spare barrel for the Nova but it would be worth it to check them out.
  3. There is very little if any difference in a pattern from a 24" barrel and a longer barrel. What the longer barrel actually does is help you with your swing and follow through on your passing shots at flying birds. That is why you see those who shoot sporting clays or trap shooting guns with 30 inch barrels. When shooting with a shorter barrel most shooters will not completely follow through after the shot is fired. The longer barrel helps remedy that situation. If you don't have any problems with follow through then don't buy the longer barrel. You can find out just by going and shooting a few
  4. krr6581

    New waders

    Hey Tmac, I wear either hip boots or waist high waiders. I do that strictly out of safety. Years ago I had a friend who was in the army with me. I didn't have any leave to spend to go with him to hunt ducks at his home just outside of Dallas. Three days later I found out that his boat capsized and he drowned. It seems he was wearing chest waders, they filled with water and he couldn't get out of them. So ever since I have only worn the hip boots or waist high waders. Fortunately I have had dogs to fetch them in so I haven't had to get in water deeper than just below my waist. Just hav
  5. You know Tuck that would just about also hold true for John Browning. He also had a past and I don't think the law today would look very favorable on him either.
  6. What I would recommend if you are going to start working him around a gun is to make sure that you not be the one to shoot the gun. Try to get someone else to do the shooting and do it from a distance. 30 to 40 feet. That bang right next to a puppy could startle him and cause him to become scared. However, have a training dummy with you and after you calm him down (if needed) then throw your training dummy. And I would definitely start with a .22 and as time goes on if you have it work up to a .410 or 20ga. As he gets used to it you can shoot closer to him. However, just like your train
  7. You may want to ask some of the other shooters at your local sporting clays club which choke they would recommend. Most folks I know shoot either IC or Improved modified. Most gun shops also can give you good information as to what choke you should use for clays. Have Fun!
  8. TopCover, They are Rugged and dependable. I use them for hunting and have put them in some pretty tough situations. Plus, I know quite a few Rangers including my son-in-law who used it on his weapon. He used it the entire time he was in Afghanistan and he swears by it. Anyway opinions are like A__holes and everyone has one but you have to be happy with what you get. Most of these similar sights will do you a great job. It is what you will feel most comfortable with.
  9. Johnny, I fought for this country and also was in the first Persian Gulf war. Myself and many others fought so you could have the opportunity to be able to express your beliefs and opinions. However, if you want to have a discussion about our political situation here in this great country of ours do it in a new thread here in the forum. However, next year please keep comments to yourself on Memorial Day unless you are giving honors to those who serve, has served or made the ultimate sacrifice.
  10. Topcover, there is another sight that I would recommend you take a look at. It is a red dot sight that is in use by the military and I use it on two of my shotguns. It can be mounted on a picatenny rail. The sight is made by a company called Cmore. You may find them at www.cmore.com . This sight is in use by the U.S. Military. I first saw this sight while at Fort Benning, GA at the Infantry Center. This sight may be used on shotguns, rifles or pistols and I have as of yet never had a problem with either of the sights I own.
  11. Johnny, I don't believe Hogwild started this thread so you could grind your political axe. To all of our service men and women serving our country I wish you all the best and a safe journey back home.
  12. Nice birds Mudhen. Wish I could show pics but after only seeing 4 hens for the 3 weekends I have hunted I found out that the MNR here in Ontario moved the birds that were here to somewhere else. It seems that the local farmers here complained so loudly that they were destroying their crops that the birds were moved and some killed. I should have gone back to Georgia to hunt another week there.
  13. Vince, the best advice you've gotten you have ignored. As good a gun as the sbe is you apparently are not willing to spend a few dollars to have it fixed by the Benelli CS guys. Why don't you quit griping and giving excuses and send it to Benelli !!!
  14. Liberty, I don't know for sure but I have never heard anyone talk turkey ages past 4 at the most 5yrs old. I don't know if they live longer than that or not. I know that really doesn't give you much info but your local game wardens or state DNR should be able to answer that for you.
  15. Sdk, you made a nice point, and no I don't think any of us who commented intended to bash anyone. But your point boils down to one thing and that is respecting the game that you hunt, which is all part of being an ethical hunter. Nothing is worse than finding an animal that had been wounded and later died because of poor judgement. Ethics is a tough subject in here. Everyone here has their own set of values as defined by the way they were raised. Many who visit this site can remember the days when deer, turkeys and other game animals were scarce across this country due to poor management and p
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