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  1. I have a 12 gauge SS with 30" barrel, anyone know if you can purchase a new 28" barrel? if so how much would one cost? I imagine a small fortune?
  2. solocam72


    No tools needed! just unscrew the cap and lift the nail like head out and there you have it, The plug in my Super Sport is like a big Nail, when you unscrew the cap you can see the head of the plug and you just pull it out! Very simple!
  3. solocam72

    M 1 vs M 2

    I just bought a brand new M2 yesterday, I shoot alot of trap and use a Browning Citori XT Trap 32" bbl for it, I wanted a semi auto for sporting clays and 5 stand as I feel the Citori is to bulky for quick stuff IMO. I use to own a benelli SS and really liked it but had to sell it to fund the Citori, I thought about another SS but decided to save 500.00 and go with the M2, I told my dealer I wanted a gun that I could shoot clay sports with and hunt if I decided to, he advised me to go with the M2, My first choice was gonna be the SBE 2 till he talked me out of it as my primary use will be clays, my dealer said if I was gonna pound out 3"- 3 1/2" shells the SBE 2 would be the gun but for my use the M2 should fit the bill very well as I dont need a 3 1/2" gun. Anyway I ended up with a Black 28" M2, I am excited to get out and shoot it! All the benelli's I have tried fit me well right out of the box without any adjustments, I hope the M2 pleases me as well as my old SS. It sure fits and feels good to me!
  4. I just shot a round of sporting clays with my new SS yesterday evening with a few friends, we shoot 5, 10 clay rounds, each round starts with 4 singles and ends with three doubles making a total of 50 clays per person, I broke 49 missing only one clay The other guys broke between 30-35, These guys are decent shooters and have been doing this for years, this is my second or third time in my life, These guy's are trying to talk me into shooting trap. I have a uncle who shoots trap very competitively, he is ranked at the top in the state and has a room full of trophy's, Can I get a shell catcher for the SS? I hear I need one to shoot trap? I would like to show up at a shoot and try to give my uncle a bad time.
  5. Super Sport of course!!, especially now that I am a new owner of one LOL, All joking aside I truely do believe the SS is the best shotgun out there for clays and that is why I bought one.
  6. I just bought a new Super Sport for clays and I love it!! This is by far the best shotgun I have ever owned, The most important part of this gun is that it fits me like a tailor made suit, It's also quite purty I have little experience with shotguns so I couldn't tell you the difference in the two guns. I was a little concerned about this Super Sport when I bought it about how light weight it is, I can now say that it's a pleasure to shoot!! I put over 100 rounds through it the day after I got it and the gun never bothered me a bit, I have a Super Nova pump gun and after 75-100 rounds through it in a day it leaves a bruise, I could have shot this new Super Sport all day without it bothering me!!
  7. Well I couldn't wait till this weekend to try out my new SS on clays so I set my thrower up in the back yard and went at it by my self (I have no immediate neighbors and a mountain as my backstop) I did really good with the gun, My thrower is mounted on a big thick steel plate, It is manual and will throw doubles, (makes it more challenging turning the clays loose and shooting by youself ) I shot a box of shells through my gun and hit all but 2 clays I have the IC choke in my gun, my thrower really gets em out there it has an extra heavy home made spring, I noticed most of the clays I hit broke up in larger pieces, I am very new to this sport and dont know how to choose the right choke, this new gun came with 5 chokes, I know the full choke will dust them, this is a learning game for me and so far I really like it, I'm sure I am going to get schooled by the guy's at the range but I am having fun learning.
  8. Well I made my decision, I bought the Benelli Super Sport 30" barrel, The gun fits me like a glove!! I just got done shooting 15 rounds through it, this gun cycles really fast and very smooth!!! I will post later on how I do at shooting clays with it.
  9. I have a Super Nova and really enjoying shooting clays but I feel I want to take it to a new level and go Semi auto, I went and looked at guns today, I really like the way the Super Sport fits and feels, I also like the Beretta Extrema 2 it fit me well also. Which one of these is the better gun? All I plan to use it for is shooting clays, like I said both guns fit me very well maybe a slight edge better with the Super Sport. Sorry if this Q. has been asked before and I missed it, as you all know it's quite a bit of money either way and I would like to feel I got the best gun, any advantages or disadvantages between the 2, I have been buying the cheap ammo at walmart 2 3/4" 1 1/8 oz 7 1/2 shot, will these guns cycle this stuff without any problems? Thanks
  10. P.S. I thought shooting clay pigeons was all the same, Skeet, Trap, Sporting clays? didn't realize it's all different? what do you call what I am doing by my post above?
  11. The type of shooting I have been doing is from a thrower mounted on a spare tire in the back of a pickup truck, around here in Western Wa where I live we have some really steep old clearcuts up in the mountains you can back your truck up to the edge and throw clays and shoot till your hearts content. I just checked and my gun had the Full choke in it, I did ok with it last time out but noticed I was missing some of the close easy looking shots, I put the IC choke in and now am anxiously waiting to try it out.
  12. solocam72

    which choke?

    Sorry guy's if this question seems dumb, I am new to the shotgun world and was wondering what choke would work best for shooting clay pigeons, my gun is a benelli super nova, it came with 3 chokes they are marked F, M, and IC, the F must be Full choke, M for modified, and IC for Improved Cylinder? again which would be best for shooting "clays"?
  13. I shot clays with my gun yesterday, I did good with it and had lots of fun, This was my first time of shooting clays, I shoot rifles and revolvers on a regular basis, after the clays yesterday I might have found a new hobby or at least an addition My gun performed flawlessly, so far I am very happy with this gun.
  14. Hello I am new here, I just bought a new Super nova shotgun, this is my first and only shotgun, it is full camo. I wanted one shotgun I could do everything with from Turkey to clays. What do you guy's think of this gun? strengths and weakness? Thanks
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