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    Super Nova

    Not trying to sound mean or anything, but a quick search on the forums will tell you a lot more. Many things have been said over time, and we probably can't replay them back in a single forum. On the top bar right below your name just hit "Search" and type it in. If you have any further, more specific questions, let us know.
  2. I use the MOJO Mallard decoys and I love em. I've got 2 set up outside of my blind, one about 10 yards away, the other about 30. I haven't had problems (besides a goose falling into one), and know no one that has. Big ducks seem to be easier to call in when you have them set up. It's up to you, but I'd recommend it.
  3. I understand the patterns don't change, but even if they did I could just choke it. I was more worried about range. According to that video, it is all an illusion and longer barrels do not give you greater range.
  4. Thanks. I've just heard from so many people that the 2-4" difference would take off at least 10 yards of range. During goose hunting, I need that range. I will test it out on some clays at different ranges, and will probably change my mind. Thanks again for the help. Yeah, watching that video it explains that it's all an illusion. I guess I don't need to fork out the money then.
  5. Hey everyone, just bought a SuperNova 20131 and loving it. The only thing is the barrel is 24". How much would it cost for a spare barrel to duck hunt with that is 26 or 28"? I wanted this for squirrel hunting this season and it turns out I love shooting it, so I wanted to use it duck hunting also. Thanks
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