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Becoming a Benelli Hunter


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New guy here but not new to turkey hunting. After three states and four birds, my 2007 turkey season is over. I'm looking to to become a Benelli owner and I've just got a few questions for turkey hunters and their Benelli guns.


Any trouble patterning your Benelli?

How did your gun shoot out of the box? Did you have to top it off with sights to move your pattern?

Is the Benelli trigger pull smooth or rough? In the past, I've always had a little trigger work done on my turkey guns just to smooth them out and was wondering about the Benelli's triggers.


I know each of these questions might vary from gun to gun but I was hoping to get a general idea of what to expect before putting out $$$. I'd like to set it up with a Rhino tube and Nitro load but to tell you the truth, I like tend to call them in close and that combo is pretty scary under 20 yards. I used it last year with my 870 and it's like shooting a rifle that close. Thanks for any input on my questions ;)

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I've got 2 12 ga. M1 Super 90's and they both pattern great. I've had good luck with a Kicks GT .660 for the Winchester Xtended #6, and a Comp-n-Choke XXX Full for the Winchester Supreme #6 lead loads. Both will kill a turkey clean at 40 yards.

One of the guns shoots a little low, but I changed the stock shims and it helped a lot. I have a 2-7 Leupold shotgun scope on the other one.

The trigger on one is a little heavy, but it breaks pretty clean. The trigger on the other is a little heavy too, and it has some creep. I'd have them worked on if I knew a gunsmith I could trust, but they aren't bad like they are now.

I had an SBE, but the pattern difference was so small I stayed with the 3" guns and sold the SBE.

I would highly recommend the pistol grip stock for turkey hunting.

I've been turkey hunting with Benellis for about 6 years now, and I am well pleased with them.


Just my opinions,

Hope that helps.

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