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Need Info On Nova 12 Gauge Slug Barrel


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Hey, I've had my benelli nova for about a year I guess. I've put a side saddle on it, tactical light, 2 shell magazine extension, and the mercury recoil reducer. I've been thinking about getting a slug barrel for it so I could go deer hunting but heard from someone to only shoot SABOT slugs out of it. Is that only if I'm using the smooth bore barrel, and if so would I use a choke and what kind of range would I get with it?

Mainly all I want to know is if I would be better off spending around $180 and getting a rifled barrel for my nova or if I should just keep my original and only shoot the sabot slugs (assuming that is what I'm supposed to shoot them out of). But if I could almost double my range and be able to use a variety of slugs in a rifled barrel I'd rather do that. Just haven't heard a lot about this stuff so that's why I'm looking for everyones help. Thanks!



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If you search on this topic, you'll find quite a few opinions already out there (range, slugs, etc.):



As far as I can tell, the rifled barrel gives you a slight advantage over shooting through a rifled choke. There have been some issues with the quality of the Ithaca slug barrels, but I have heard both good and bad things about them.


Also, browse through here:


Prostreetcamaro just posted up some results on his slug barrel and the issues he went through with it.


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