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SBE II Accuracy?


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I recently purchased a SBE II with slug barrel and vent rib barrel. The gun shoots wonderfully when using the slug barrel and Winchester sabots but I can't hit the broad side of a barn with the vent rib. I've been shooting a Remington 1100 for nearly 20 years and think I just need to get used to the new fit. The gun patterns well but at the skeet range I'm hitting 50% or less. I’ve tried increasing my lead, decreasing my lead, holding high, holding low, et cetera. I don't claim to be an expert shot but with my 1100 I typically hit 22 or 23 of 25. Any thoughts would sure be welcome. I'm really frustrated!

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Not an uncommon issue with Benellis.


I'd start playing the shim game.


I'm guessing you may be shooting high. My SBE II came with the A shim installed and shot high for me.


I switched to C (actually a C with a shaved down A to try to make a D), and the gun shoots better for me.


mudhen - CA

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Mudhen - Thanks for the help. I'll pull the stock and see what it has installed. Is there a way for me to tell what I should be shooting (which shim) based on how the gun feels when I shoulder it or do I just need to spend time at the range and play with the shims?

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