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USED 11707 with adj stock, 2 shot ext and sling for sale on ARFCOM


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might be a decent deal for someone wanting one considering the prices of the stock and the tube..used gun but hard to hurt these M4's..here is the listing but you'll find it in the EE section and have to email him thru the site..and FTR, i have ZERO connections to this seller..thanks




No pics yet, but can provide soon if need be.


This a black Benelli M4 (Model 11707) purchased through local shop about 2-3 years ago, and I ordered the collapsing stock (Part No. 70085) and 2-rd extension (Part No. 81043P) separately. The stock actually locks between an extended position and a collapsed position (not just for looks). Everything is assembled, and has about 500 rounds through it. I still have the original 5-rd restrictor mag extension, and the "normal" pistol grip stock in my closet if you want those too.


I also attached a 3-Gun-Gear 8-rd holder to the left receiver, as well as a 2-rd holder near the front of the receiver on the right side. The gun is in pristine shape, and also includes a black tactical sling. I love this gun and hate to part with it, but I need to pay for some camps for the kids this summer. Might but another one in the future...


Based on what I've seen, it looks like this ought to go for about $1700 + $35 shipping to CONUS. If I throw in the old stock and restrictor, please add $75. If you are in the market, please let me know. Thanks.

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Thanks for passing this on to the Benelli forums.


I haven't listed on any other forums other than AR15.com (and this one, sort of), so if it does not get much interest, I'll post on Snipers Hide.


Really had fun with this shotgun, and the highlight was shooting steel plates at 100 yards with 1 oz. slugs. I've got a homemade plug in it right now for a goose hunt I made in January, but of course, that just pops right out for 7+1 capacity.

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