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Munged MESA Tactical Installation


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My local gunsmith (who will remain nameless, at least for now) totally munged the installation of my new MESA Tactical Sidesaddle/Top rail on my M1. He removed the back sight and centered the unit on the receiver, instead of putting it flush with the front according to the instructions! As a result, there are now four tapped holes in the wrong place. And he broke the rear sight screw removing it, when it didn't need to be removed at all.


He's going to try to make it right it by following the instructions (this time) and putting it in the right place, and reinstalling the rear sight. If he does all of this righ this timet (I have my doubts) this will cover up the extra holes. but I'm still a unhappy that I've got these extra holes in my receiver.


Does anyone have any guesses as to $$$ damage he's caused by drilling these extra holes? I'm hoping he hasn't totally trashed the resale value on my M1 (not that I'm planning to sell it anytime soon).

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I picked it up today. Happily, the gunsmith was good to his word and put the mount on right this time. I actually looks great. He also fixed the rear sight. The four unneeded holes are plugged and buried under the rail, so you can't see them (although I will always know they are there). Had a long talk with the store manager about the situation; he was very apologetic, comp'ed the work and made sure I was OK with the repair as completed.


I would definitely NOT take another Benelli there, but I feel the situation was resolved to my satisfaction. This is my 3-gun shotgun, so I've already given it my share of dings - the $$$ damage on the extra holes isn't going to help, but as long as it goes bang I'll be happy with it. Even happier if I can hit the target!


Of course, my step is to take it to the range and make sure it doesn't fall off!

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