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Hard to Stuff Magazine Tube - Ouch - Any Fixes?


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The magazine tube on my m1 is really hard to stuff. It takes a lot of pressure to push the shell past the retention clip - and then when the rim of the shell suddenly snaps past the clip, my thumb ends up in the tube and the sharp edges of the loading tray snapped down like a mousetrap! Ouch!!! Has cost me plenty of seconds on various 3-gun stages.


Any suggestions from seasoned Benelli shooters? Is there a mod that will relieve the clip pressure without compromising its ability to retain the shells in the magazine?

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I saw this pic of the underside of a Benelli where they shaved the reciever at the bottom where the follower would actually rest when theres no ammo in the tube,,and actually exposed more of the bottom half of the follower to prevent thumb hang ups,,a bit to radical for me,,when all one has to do is pull your thumb straight back instead of down and out,,ask those three gun guys ,,they know about that cut trick,

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Nitro Kid, what you describe even has a name: "Benelli Thumb."


The good news is there is a relatively cheap cure: have C-Rums modify your carrier. What he does is weld your old carrier so that their is not a pinch hazard any more. Works Great!


His prices are very affordable: $40 to exchange a modified one for yours; or around $60 to have him modify a new one for you.


If you search the threads at this web site, you should be able to find a picture I posted probably 2 years ago.


Contact info is: 417-753-2707.

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