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Just got back from Houston Funshow


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Don't ya know it!! I had been watching the same 2 M4's at Bachman Pawn for the last 4 or 5 gunshows, full package, both stocks, etc. 1300 bucks. I figured as silly as the price for the stock had gotten, I might actually pick another one up and part it out :eek: (I know, perish the thought) and come home with a M4 for around 500 bucks. Wouldn't you know it, but NO M4 to be found:mad:. Oh well, ya snooze, ya lose!!



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They had some good prices on other guns. I picked up a S&W M&P 15a (ar-15 type flat top) rifle for $899. I almost pulled the trigger on a HK P2000 lem w/night sites for $658. I'll wait til the next show for that.


But you are correct, no Benelli m4s to be found.

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