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28" or 30" Super Sport?


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I'm set on buying a 12 gauge SS but not sure what length to purchase. I just started shooting trap but also want to get into skeet and sporting clays. I will also use it to hunt birds and wild boar. It seems people like 30"+ for trap and SC but they usually use over/unders. The SS is already longer, so would the 28" be sufficient? Is the 30" actually more accurate than the 28" for longer distances, or do people just get the longer barrel for increased length and weight? If there's no difference in accuracy I'm thinking I should just get the 28" to keep the overall length more manageable. One other thing, I plan to also buy a Browning Cynergy Field over/under eventually and the longest barrel length it comes in is 28". Because I'll be getting that in 28", should I get the SS in 30" to differentiate my guns more?

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Barrel length is entirely a personal choice, as there is no real ballistic advantage to having a longer or shorter barrel.


Shooters who shoot higher passing targets like geese, ducks, and trap like longer barrels because the added length makes for a more fluid swing and the longer sight plane makes more distant targets appear closer.


Shorter barrels are lighter, less cumbersome in the bush, and can be pointed more quickly on fast flushing or running game like grouse, rabbitts, sporting clays, and the like.


A 28" semi-automaic shotgun will have as much or more sighting plane than will a 30" O/U. That's because even though the barrel is shorter, the receiver on the semi-auto extends the plane several more inches.


This subject has been discussed many times here, and there is no ironclad right answer that anyone can give you.


Educate yourself and make an informed decision.


Here are some links for you.




http://americangundog.com/straightshooting_AGD1.html (view episode 3)



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Also, the 28 inch model will fit perfectly in the 52 inch Kalispel Gun Case. I have a 30 inch SS and to make it fit in the case I have to remove the butt pad or the extended choke. Just about a 1 inch too short. My wife's montefeltro 26 inch fits right under mind with no dissasembly. I bought the case for Air travel. Kicks a lot of butt. My future M2 will fit perfectly.

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