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Tactical Nova Shooting report

R Cubed

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I finally had the opportunity to take my Tactical Nova out and punch holes in some moving boxs. (I recently moved from NM to AZ and I did clean up after myself out there).


I shot 7 1/2 shot and some 7/8oz slugs. My left arm is somewhat sore this moring (I shot a derringer in 45/410 and my 45acp carry piece also - and a 30-30 just for fun...) Suprisingly my right shoulder where my rotator cuff was repaired last summer does not bother me {yet}. I am shoot from both hands and I am better left handed wiht a long gun and right handed with handguns... go figure.


Anyway, I paced out 50 long paces to check how the slugs woud hit . They landed quite high about 6 inches or so. Can someone tell me what the factory sighting is?


(as followup to another thread on dressing up this piece - a Benellli 2 round mag extension is heading my way - I will address the light issue then).


Thanks fella's...


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Have you tried buckshot yet ? I am curious what size patterns of 00 buck people are getting with their Nova or Super Novas. I have not had a chance to pattern my SuperNova yet. However I had a Nova that would shoot 8 inch groups at 25 yds with the Federal flite control low recoil 00 buckshot. This is similar to patterns I got with a Rem 870 Vang Comp. and the older Federal Low recoil buckshot.

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Buck shot is on the list to try - With my 18.6 inch barrel, the Bird shot spread wide enough as to not render spread data - I fully peppered standard moving boxes at ~ 10 ft and 25 ft.


I also shot with and w/o the recoil reducer - I will leave it installed although it does add significiant weight.

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