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M1S90 Loads


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Does anyone have recommendations for a good mid-power load for a m1s90? I just put a Mesa Tactical 8 round side-saddle shell holder on my m1. When the tube and side-saddle are full, the gun is too heavy to cycle properly (which I kind of expected would happen). I've been using Remington 1 ounce Premier STS 1oz Target loads; they still work great when the side-saddle is empty, but will not cycle when it it is full.


I've got a dinged up shoulder, so I like to shoot as light a target load as possible.


Any suggestions on a light load that would be just powerful enough to cycle the gun with a full side-saddle?

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Guys, do yourselves a favor and take the MESA off of your shotgun.


Mass creates problems with the inertia system.


Practice tactical reloading from a vest, or belt.


I use a stock mounted soft shell holder and have no problems, but I am lucky in that the holder is fabric, if you add much more weight, you can have problems.


I do not approve of mounting something with that much mass, on the receiver with screws that are subject to stripping out.

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