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  1. A few rocks, some sticks, pointy scraps of metal, a discarded piano wire and some poop. Welcome to the Peoples Republik of Illinoistan comrades!
  2. I would never give away my position, that would only afford the intruder an opportunity to try and take a hostage or worse just open fire blindly. The only warning you need is a whisper to verify friend or foe.
  3. Say that to yourself out loud. $150 for a spring, which if you measure and find one at McMaster-Carr would be in the $20 range. Benelli buys it's springs, they don't make them.
  4. I have that setup for my M1S90 Tactical and swap bbl and forearm for deer season. Select a scout type or pistol scope for it, 2-7x or 1-4x you pick (extra relief of 7"-11") and quick pointing. Simmons, Leupold or Burris
  5. He is probably looking for a E..R Shaw rifled bbl. around $400 Put a picatinny on your M1 in front of the rear sight, just tap and use good allen head screws. (8-40) Line the underside of the rail with a bead of locktite, and locktite the screws. Make sure you custom grind the screws so that they do not protrude past the surface of the inside of the receiver. You can cantilever around an inch off of the receiver. get one at midway or brownells.
  6. You are correct in general I can agree with your assessment, consider the fact that some of us who opined may have been the type that actually served in the capacity of either a police officer or military person. You can never judge a book by it's cover.
  7. Well you can always try just letting the intruders murder your loved ones so you won't have to second guess it later:mad:
  8. Keep hitting estate sales in an area populated with elderly Italians. Somehow my Nono's shotgun was sold after he died, it was a Beretta 16ga. OU from the 1950's with work so stunning it would make you cry. He brought it home after visiting Italy to see relatives in 1964
  9. FACT: Dead intruders stay dead in every circumstance.
  10. That temp isn't going to hurt anything. The steel will need to be heated to well over 1600F for 30 minutes to lose it's temper. 405F isn't even hot That being said, just parkerize it first, it makes a great base for a coating.
  11. The only thing that makes an animal of either two or four legs go backwards after being hit by anything short of a howitzer is the fact that the CNS system goes into overload and instantaneously launches the muscles into one huge spasm. The greater the muscle strength, the greater the effect. Sometimes they just drop right where they were shot, sometimes they launch themselves, but the bullet did not do it, it merely caused the reaction.
  12. The ideal situation is that your home is secured in such a manner that nobody is getting in without making a huge amount of noise, after that you would be cleaning up the mess that your dogs made out of them. Given that scenario you might not even get a chance to shoot. If they do get in and kill the dogs, then you just shoot them down.
  13. You may want to hold onto that bbl as they are not easy to find...
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