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SBE reduced recoil spring


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Tried doing a search for those that have replaced the recoil spring in order to shoot reduced loads in a SBE. I purchased the spring through Brownells (Wolff) and am still getting the next round failing to cycle off the carrier. I'm shooting a 1 oz load, with E3 powder using a receipe for 1200 fps, measuring every 10 rounds or so on a scale to make sure the MEC 9000G is throwing consistant charges (isn't that an oxymoron--progressive throwing consistant charges LOL!) So, is my problem having to do with the spring--is it suggested that I run some really heavy, 3" or 3.5" loads through the gun? Is it suggested to "season" the spring with heavey loads? Or is it something to do with the carrier spring? I clean the tube, plunger and spring after every 250 rounds or so. 1 1/8 oz loads no problem, just the 1 oz. Gotta try to save some money with the way lead is skyrocketing. Thanks for the help.

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My sbe has trouble shooting light loads as well.I have to shoot 1 1/8 ounce loads.Also the shells have to have a sharp edge for the extractor to grip.If i shoot shells with a rounded edge the extractor seems to ride over them.Have replaced extractor claw and spring.I think that judging by all the feedback on this site it seems that the sbe has a brain of it's own and some sbe shoot light loads eg 7/8 ounce, and some don't.Good luck.

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