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Sauvestre Sabot Slugs

Super M4

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Has anyone tried these or let alone heard of them? This guy came in my shop the other day and he had about 5 boxes of these, all 3" magnum loads. He told me they are very intense and cause massive wound damage. They were designed by a French guy and are basically impossible to get into the states. The guy I got the one box from said his family used to Import them, as well as alot of other guns several years ago. It's a lead slug that has a steel rod center core that is fin stabalized. They are designed to shoot from smooth bore, rifled or choked barrel. I'd like to try some of these out on some steel barriers and see how they penetrate but not if I can't find more of these. Here is the website link http://www.sauvestre.com:) Let me know what you guys think?

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Yes I have used them. Bought some around 5 years ago off an add that was in the shotgun news. At 50 yards, the round punched through a 2" thick piece of steel. Very impressive.


If I remember right, they were very very did I say very expensive. It was like $20.00 for a box of 5, which was $5.00 a round. But they were very impressive to say the least.


I want to get more of these and just hold on to them for shooting through enemy steel.

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That's kinda what I had heard from some other people is they are about $5.00 a shot. Some friends of mine did some testing on them recently and as soon as I get the pics, i'll be sure to post them on here. I guess I'll just hold onto the 5 i have, 2 of them are on the side saddle of my M4!

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