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SBEII - rookie question


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I finally have time in the fall/winter to hunt more. I mainly pheasant and duck hunt. I'm going to purchase a SBEII, but is the finish (black, satin, timber or MAX-4 HD) a matter of preference? How about barrel length? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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All are matters of preference.

Waterfowlers and turkey hunters tend to go for the camo finishes. Not only do they helo with concealment, but they are easier to maintain (no oiling required to prevent rust.


If you don't mind the fact that the finish will get nicked in places and you're not subject to lose track of your gun in the woods, then the camo is good for you.


If your tastes are more traditional and you like the coolness of the black, then go for it.


Barrel lengths can be a bit more involved, but the decision should be based on your hunting styles, your overall size and build, and your shooting style.


Turkey hunters, upland birders, and swamp hunters tend to like the shorter barrels. They're easier to handle and point nicely and quickly. They are also a bit lighter.


For hunting from a blind or pass shooting waterfowl and geese, the longer barrels offer their own advantages. The greater length will be appreciated by blind mates for getting the noise a couple of more inches out there. The longer sighting plane helps bring those long shots seemingly closer and makes for a smoother more fluid swing through the target.


Given your set of circumstances, a 26" seems right, but you should shoulder all lengths and see what feels best to you.


See episode 3 here.


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