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M3 Super 90 FTF

leupold 90

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Hi all


I live in Ireland and am one of the lucky ones to have a Benelli M3S90.


I use the gun for practical shooting and occassional clays. I am having a recurring problem of getting a 'click' instead of a 'bang' when I pull the trigger.


This happens most often when shooting clays. When I have fired my second shot and the bolt locks open, I close the bolt, put two shells in the magazine, cycle the bolt to chamber a round and await my turn to fire.. Frequently when I pull the trigger CLICK! Quickly ejecting the round and feeding the second generally results in a second click!?


What am I doing wrong? Is it the gun or me? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.



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Do you chamber a round into battery and then have one on the shelf behind it? I'm no sure I understand. Also, do you shoot pump or semi-auto when shooting clays?

Anyways, it's good to hear from someone from Ireland.

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After firing two shots at clays I close the bolt, load two new ones into the mag, and then cycle the bolt to chamber one (leaving one in the mag).


Seems to me that the bolt is not closing fully when I push the carrier release button. So I wonder is this a problem with the recoil spring?


I prefer to shoot semi auto but find I have to switch the gun to pump to make sure it works.

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When you chamber the first round and are not sure the bolt is fully closed, hit the bolt handle with the side of your palm and see if it moves forward any. If the bolt is not fully closed it won't fire the round. And, be sure to push the carrier lever to get that second round up on the carrier.

Just looking at all the angles.

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Thanks for the advice. I'm seriously thinking about changing to a Beretta A391, at least it will handle light loads for clay busting, and for practical shooting an 870.


I do like the Benelli shotguns but from reading this and other forums they seem to be susceptible to feeding problems. Some shooters however, appear to love them and enjoy trouble free shooting.


Anyway, no matter what we shoot lets hope we enjoy the health to convert our hard earned money into loud bangs!!:)

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Think I have my problem sorted! Brought the gun to a friend who has alot of shooting experience. After taking down the gun he felt it must be a lubrication problem as there was nothing else obviously wrong.


He copiously greased the internals of the bolt, and used M-Pro 7 oil on the slide rails.


It has made a marked difference to the gun, it now cycles 1 1/8 loads consistently and 7/8 ounce most of the time. Lesson

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As an M-3 owner/shooter, I would like to add my 2 cents:


When you got your M-3 did you disassemble it, clean it carefully, lube it liberally, and then put it back together?

BTW, when my M-3 was new, I experienced a few FTFs...then I really lubed it up...and no problems since then.


Have you put 500-1000 semi-auto rounds down the tube yet? If the answer to that is no, you may have to put a couple of hundred semi-auto rounds of full power loads down the tube, before you switch to target loads.


When you cycle the M-3 manually...do the rounds feed and fire correctly? If yes, have you made sure that the selector switch (to go from manual to semi-auto) is completely locked into the semi-auto position.


Lastly, have you had a more experienced shooter try your M-3 with the exact same shells....and did they have any FTFs?


It is not uncommon for a new shooter to limp wrist/loose shoulder hold; thereby causing the inertial recoil action to not function.


Lastly, on a few M-3s the following problems can occur: when putting in the charging handle, some folks do not correctly bottom it out (try pulling the charging handle out, put it back in and hit it forcefully with the palm of your hand); lastly, sometimes the bolt release button may not be fully releasing....try dry firing it a few times (check to make sure the M-3 is empty, check to make sure the M-3 is empty, check to make sure the M-3 is empty) to see if the button moves when the trigger is pulled.


If all else fails, buy some snap caps and see if they cycle/trigger clicks properly.


Once you have your M-3 working properly, you will forget the minor issues of becoming a first-time M-3 owner.


BTW, many other shotguns also have a learning curve.

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