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  1. Got a safe ding on my M4 barrel. What do you guys use for touch up short of refinish, hanks.
  2. They work in an M3 but you have to cycle each one with the pump action. Use the pump in an aggressive, forceful manner and they cycle and shoot great. I think I put 14 of them in at a time. Not something to do on a regular basis. More or less a novelity.
  3. There used to be a gunsmith you could send your M1014 to and have him cut the correct notches for the collaspable stock but using the "search" option on this forum came up empty. Maybe someone here knows the guys name. I remember his price was very reasonable, though.
  4. Buy once, cry once. I like that. Go SOCOMGUY and never look back. Quality cost.
  5. My 11707 had these markings on the end of the box: M4 LR STD LE COLL APSE REC It did not come with the collaspable stock but had the pistol grip stock. I assume the "COLL" means the tube will accept the collaspable stock. Is that what you were referring to when you said it should have come with one?
  6. Put me on your list for one when they are available.
  7. Hair dryer will not cut it. Home Depot has them for about $19.
  8. Who is the guy who does the camo? I might be interested in having my M4 done with it. Thanks.
  9. That $510 should stand in good stead. These stocks are not cheap, especially when they are not a stocking item for non-leo/military.
  10. That's great. Glad to see gunners helping each other.
  11. Buy a $20 heat gun from Home Depot and heat the mag tube right where it screws in until it starts smoking. That means the locktight is mealting. The tube itself is not that hot but the receiver is. Use a pair of heavy gloves to hold the receiver while unscrewing the tube with gloves. It will come off. Best to put the receiver in a vice. Be sure to wrap a rag around the receiver to keep from scratching it.
  12. Yes, the tube is an exact match for the receiver, stock and handguards. Does not distract at all in any way from the barrel being parkerized.
  13. Are you in a State that requires the limiter? If not, just get the two mag extension and be done with it. That thing was the first item to go when I got my M3.
  14. Benelli seels these to LEO/Military only. Plus being in short supply makes them high dollar. And I have called some Benelli dealers and they flat won't or can't get them. Buying one from an individual will probably be your best bet. Expect to pay $750 or above. Good luck.
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