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  1. wicks

    M4 failing to load

    Thanks so much. Ordered it up, and sent some dough to the NRA.
  2. wicks

    M4 failing to load

    Does this sound right? Mfr: BENELLI FITS: Super 90 M1 Military & Police, 12 Mag; Super 90 M3 Military & Police, 12 Mag Catalog page 445
  3. wicks

    M4 failing to load

    I pulled it last nigh, and it was 25" and really weak and brittle. Strange. I shall order one of those up - good source for that online? Thanks much.
  4. wicks

    M4 failing to load

    That is a really interesting idea. I did buy it with the extension installed, but maybe they left the stock spring. How could I tell?
  5. wicks

    M4 failing to load

    Oh, it was freshly stripped and clean as whistle...
  6. My M4 failed a few times this weekend and wanted to solicit any feedback I could abut what might be wrong with it. Freshly stripped and clean as a whistle. Fired a load of Fiocchi target shells, one jammed on the carrier, and another jammed half way out of the ejection port. Figured this might be caused in part by the low load. Fired a box of Fiocchi buck and one jammed on the way into the chamber, and another failed to fire. Fired a few slugs and no problems. What should I look for? Thanks much.
  7. I had to order up the other 2.
  8. Seems someone would want to sell one - where is the best site to post a want ad for that?
  9. Why not produce a whole collapsing stock setup that has a better everything for the M4?
  10. Apart from the guy on gunbroker - it's not worth $800, but I'd pay $400 or $500 maybe. Thanks much.
  11. Yes, very nice thanks. Do you know if the double can fit for "under" mounting, or should I order the single? Thanks again.
  12. Anyone know who makes a rail that clamps to the shell tube, for mounting lights, etc.? Thanks!
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