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Benelli M4 on G&A TV tonight


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If you missed it, Guns & Ammo TV did a torture test of the Benelli M4, and it was quite impressive. While some may debate the tests, I thought this one was good. They dropped a 20 ga shell in and then loaded a Hornaday slug and pulled the trigger (with all the necessary safety precautions). Well, it was singularly unimpressive. Not only did it stay together, but is shot the slug and the shell out, with no apparent damage. Well, the repeated the test a second time with a 20 ga shell, and a load of Hornaday TAP Buckshot. Well, same result. No apparent damage, functioned normally.


I know there are worse things that can probably be done to a gun, but I was quite impressed at the results. Just one more reason for my confidence in this weapon.



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