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Cautionary Tale


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Who knows how long it has been since I ran 21 quick rounds through my M-3. Certainly not since I last gave it a major cleaning and lube.


Imagine my surprise when the shotty would no longer cycle. When I shook the gun it sounded like loose shells in the magazine extension.




Nothing I could do at the gun range without my tools...so back home I went.


Tried multiple different approaches before giving in to the idea that a full strip might be in order.


Lo and behold, when I was carefully loosening the barrel/magazine extension bracket....I heard the magazine follower fly back toward the bolt.


Most likely explanation, I had overtightened the barrel/magazine extension bracket. Solution, less torque and some blue (NEVER RED) locktite.


Since I had all of my supplies out anyway, I figured why not do a full strip and lube.....but this time be sure to give the magazine extension extra attention.


Long story short, there was also a lot of rust and debris inside the mag extension and it took gun blaster to get it all out.


Moral: don't expect your self-help/home defense shotgun to work when you need it most if you don't regularly run full bore shoot-as-fast-as-you-can exercises.


Without trying to hard, I can guess how deep the do do would have been if I had only gotten one round out and then the gun jammed and would not fire at all.

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Because I did not dissassamble the entire magazine extension, I cannot tell you for sure if the rust was limited to the spring or not.


How did the magazine extension get rusty? Well the shotgun has been in a gun safe with a golden rod de-humidifer for more than 20 years. Other parts of the shotgun had so little rust, that I only noticed minor amounts when I put another coat of gun oil on it.

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