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Montefeltro Guys- Need Help!!


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I am trying to find out if a montefeltro forend cap will fit on my Berreta ES100 Pintail. From what I understand, these guns are very similar, and I am trying to instal a swivel stud in my Pintail for waterfowl hunting. If the Montefeltro and Pintail have interchangeable caps, I should be able to get a Montefeltro cap with a swivel already in it.


Can somebody please send me a picture of any of the following:

1)The inside of a Montefeltro forend cap (magazine cap).

2)The end of a Montefeltro magazine tube after you remove the cap.

3)A factory Montefeltro forend cap with a swivel stud in it.

4)A "Uncle Mike's" style swivel stud that will fit the Montefeltro forend cap.


What I am trying to do is set up this gun so that I can switch my Padded Super Sling with Talon Swivels back and forth between my other guns.

Any other info on this would also be great.

Also, after searching for this information here on the forum, I noticed that many other peaople have tried to do a similar thing in the past with few answers.

So this would be of bennifet to more then just myself.



Thank you for your time and help. I know the Benelli crew can pull through for me!!

[email protected]

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