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NOVA recoil reducer: what's the hose for?


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I just bought the recoil reducer for my nova. When I opened the mounting bracket their was a length of rubber hose inside of it where the mercury tube goes. The tube won't fit with the hose in there so I'm assuming it has to be removed. I assumed that the hose was just junk, but then I realized that the mercury tube is shorter than the bracket and slides around. So I'm guessing that the rubber tube is supposed to act as some kind of spacing device, but it'll have to be cut to fit properly. Is this the case? And if so, does the mercury tube mount to the rear of the hose or in front of it? I don't want to cut anything until I'm sure of what I'm doing. The bracket didn't come with any instructions and there was nothing on the Benelli site so I'm a little confused. Thanks for the help.

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It works in two ways.

It adds weight, which of course scrubs off some recoil before it hits your shoulder.

It also features a tube that contains mercury (a heavy liquid metal), but the tube isn't full.

When the weapon is fired, the mercury moves inside the tube using kinetic energy to negate some of the recoil energy.


They didn't put it in all Benellis because some are bothered less by recoil than are others.

It's easier and more profitable to sell it as an add-on than it is to put it in all guns and then have to list their weights as heavier in the catalogs.

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I too just bought the bracket and merc insert today. I looked at that hose and figured out, according to the user manual, that you need to shave off a section of that tube. I got it installed and am going hunting next weekend, wheather permitting. I have had my Nova for 2 years and its the best firing gun I have ever had. Well worth the 3 hondo I paid for it. I now see that Gander mountain and Cabelas have jacked up the price 75 buck this year. Has anyone used the recoil reducer yet? Any noticable difference?

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