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SBEII forearm, forend assembly problem


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Hi All,

Have a new SBE II. Owners manual states the forearm should "click" when attached to the barrel. No such luck on mine. I've considered taking a hammer to it to make it click/stick (just kidding...).

Anyway, it just won't attach to the barrel no matter how much pressure I put on it in any direction. Goes over the ring just fine. The back end, it looks at me and laughs.


I CAN make the entire unit come together as one with minimal pressure, but is this correct? Will the forearm break off/fly off because it's not "sticking to the barrel" ??


Should it click and stick to the barrel like the manual says?

Do I have a forearm/forend that's been molded just a little to tight? Should I call Benelli and ask for a new forearm/forend?


Second question; when I bought the gun from BassPro Shop and asked why the barrel serial number stamping seemed brown and rusted, they said it was "dirt" and they all looked like that. I asked if it might have been stamped below the bluing level, hitting bare metal, and if it was rust which could become ugly in a couple of years, but they assured me that Benelli barrel serial numbers on the barrels appear brown before you clean them with oil.

Is this correct?

Thanks guys!!

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Are you sticking the front of the forearm into the barrel ring first, then bringing the back of the forearm to the barrrel? When I assemble mine I never have a click. If the receiver and barrel go together fine I wouldn't worry about it. I had a question for benelli customer service, but they won't reply or get back to me. As for the serial number I have no idea. If it ends up being a problem I would just confront bass pro shops.

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