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M2 LaserMax tactical light laser


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I have a Benelli M2 Tactical 18.5 inch barrel with a Tac-Star mag extension tube. I have wanted to add a laser/light combo. The LaserMax 1202 seemed to be the obvious choice but LaserMax and my local gunshop said it would not work. I brought the M2 to the shop anyway and they "tried" but it wouldn't slip over the distal end of the extesion. It looked close to me but I guess they were afraid to force the issue.

I bought the LaserMax anyway as there were no other options and I was planning on turning the extension if necessary. I also heard that the extension from Nordic was a smaller diameter if needed.

As it turned out, no modifications were necessary. I took the three set-screws out of the LaserMax, gently opened the the space where the screws were with a screwdriver, and the light slipped onto the extension and barrel easily. The widest point was actually the cap on the end and once past that there was no problem. No scratches, no problem. I slipped it onto the unattached extension first, then slipped it onto the barrel, and then screwed on the mag extension. Lastly I replaced the bracket between the barrel and extension.

Works perfectly. Hope this is useful.


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I was just looking at the 1202. They list the Benelli 1014 as one of the shotguns their light is made for but when I emailed them and told them that I have an M4 with a full length tube and asked if that would work, they told me that the 1202 was only made for the 870 and 1100. I then sent them a reply with the text of the add saying the 1014 and got a check the website reply. it seems the people answering the emails don't know crap.

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