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Where can I get parts for my M2?


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I've been looking for a synthetic stock for my M2 for awhile now. I've tried dealers such as Cabelas and Scheels as well as Ebay. I love my Benelli and don't wish to part with it but can't get over the lack of parts available. I at first wanted to get a slug barrel to be told at the time they weren't making one. Then I tried to find the new turkey criochoke tube to be told that no one(sporting goods stores) had any nor would have any. Now I have embarked on probably my last crusade to find a synthetic stock so I can use it in the swamp duck hunting. I really cannot understand why it is so hard to find parts for Benelli guns? It is the only weak spot in the whole company image IMO. Am I alone here?

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would suggest that any Authorized Beneli Dealer could order all the items you are talking about if they are in the 07 online catalog. which stock are you in need of Field or tactical? standard or comfor-tech / pistol grip? the chokes you were speaking of are also in the catalog but, in my pattern attempts the Primos #6912 .660 has the pattern that will haul the gobblers in ! not sure the constriction of Benelli Turkey Extended choke but i would be surprised if a Authorized Benelli Dealer could not get these items. You can get "anything" crio dipped for reasonable prices at www.300below.com could allways call 1-301-283-6981 and talk to Benelli and ask why these items can't be procured if ya have not allready?

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