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Newbie needs M4 buttstock help!


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Hello all, greetings and salutations from Chesapeake Va. I have a problem that I hope someone on here can help me with. I brought a M4 (11707) from a gunshop in Fl., and had it shipped to my ffl in Va. I went and picked it up from them..they let me open the box before they logged it in.. I opened the box and took the reciever/stock group out of the plastic. As I held it....... the buttstock came off! Then 4 beveled washers fell out with the swing swivel plate onto the floor! Fellas it was like one of the old ef hutton commercials! Everyone in the gunshop stopped talking and looked at me holding this 1400$ shotgun that just came apart. I rattled the buttstock and 4 more washers fell out. Man I was hot! No one in the store knew how to get it back on so I took it home and called the shop were I had purchased it from. They were good about it and offered to exchange the butt for another one stating that they don't know what happened. I inspected the butt some more and discovered the stock retaining nut wedged into a hollow space in the butt. I had to leave out of town and did not have time to address that. I have a exploded drawing from the parts file that Benelli has online so this is how I know to label the parts. I will be back home on Monday and was wondering if anyone can tell me how to fix this problem without me sending it back to Fl.? I need to know how to completely disassemble it anyway. Gosh! I had researched the M4 alot before purchasing it and it seems people either hate it or love it,,, I hope this doesnt turn out to be a 1400$ (insert colorful adjective of choice). Looking at the diagram I dont recall seeing the stock retaining piece....its probably wedged in the cavity too ( I hope so). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks LGR

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greetings & salutaions to you too,,congrats on your purchase,,take the replacement stock offer,,if they want the old one give it,,if not,,you'rre to the betterment of your goal.as for fixxing the stock,,,never tried cause it hasn"t happened to me,,you see,,someone tried to remove the stock by dismantling it,,,any removal of an M1014/M4 stock is removing the trigger group first then just spin it on or off,,,,,peace be with you

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Guest Cajunkraut

If the spring housing (the long tube permanently attached to the rear of the receiver that inserts inside the stock) is intact and properly installed, simply reassemble the buttstock yourself.


Anything different, send it back - any M4/11707 stock should simply slide over and spin onto the part I described, perhaps with some misc. parts for the stock. Lastly, make sure none of these runaway parts marred your gun's finish.


Sounds like it was either tampered with (doubtful), or was merely a factory assembly snafu.


Just my $.02.

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