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Will a cordoba/SBE cycle 7/8 oz loads?


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Hi everyone.


I have just worn out a 1100 remington, after about 35,000 rounds of hard work and am looking at getting a cordoba, mainly because it is advertised to take the very high volume shooting we do down here. Most years I fire about 10,000 rds, most of which are at game. One of the jobs I do is shoot birds in a local vine yard. Although blasting a starling or blackbird with a 12 gauge may seem like overkill, its very challenging shooting, and besides the ammo is free. This gets you ready for pigeon shooting where you can fire 600 rds in a day!


Anyway, the ammo that the vineyard gives me for free is usually 7/8 oz skeet loads, and occassionally a "orchard load" which is 7/8's of #9. Will a Benelli SBE or cordoba cycle reliably this ammo? All the blurb talks about field loads, but says nothing about light target loads.


Hope you can help, if the answer is yes, I will be posting a in depth review of the cordoba!

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Click the specifications link for each gun and you will see the recommended minimums for loads.

All Inertia 12 guage Benellis are designed for 1-1/8 ounce or more.


If you are going to consitently shoot light loads, then you'll probably want a gas gun.

Beretta, Winchester, Browning, and Remintgon all make nice gas guns. The Franchi 48AL is long recoil operated, using barrel movement to cycle the action.


Gas guns will also deliver lower felt recoil to the shoulder of the high volume shooter.


Others will tell you that their Benellis will cycle lighter loads without fail, and some do indeed.

But Benelli will not "fix" a gun that doesn't cycle 7/8 ounce loads, because it is not broken to begin with.

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I have a Supersport which is a shiny version of the Cordoba. I shot 75 shells of the heaviest Magnums I could find when I bought it to break it in along with cleaning it really good and lubing it with a light lube like the stuff Benelli sends with the gun.


I have found that if you keep the FPS at 1200 or higher you can shoot whatever you want. I shot just over 1500 rounds of 7/8 oz 1200fps #8's out of my gun before cleaning it just to see what it would do and it NEVER failed or hung up. I wiped it down with a towel after shooting an that was it.


I have over 10k of shells through my gun since January 1 when I got it. After some of my stints of testing shells I now shoot exclusively 1 oz stuff now and probably 7000-7500 of the rounds I have shot are 1 oz. I shoot sporting clays and run 1 oz 1300fps #8 and #7.5 FIOCCHI's.


Keep it above 1200fps and you can shoot whatever is out there.



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