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SBE2 shims..drop..cast ??


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Just bought the SBE2. Been killing waterfowl for years shooting 2 3/4" shells with a pump gun ,so this is a huge improvement for me.


Understand the shim kit allows adjustment in drop and cast. Problem is, I have no idea what this means. What is drop, and or, cast. As of now, my only use will be killing Ducks and a Goose or 2. Thanks for your help. This Benelli looks amazing..can't wait to shoot it. Also,is there a break in process?

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Drop and cast determine the angle of the stock in relation to the shooter.

Drop increaes or decreases the vertical angle at which the stock is mounted to the receiver.

More drop = lower butt or higher receiver.

Less drop = higher butt or lower receiver.


Cast is the horizontal angle at which the stock is mounted to the receiver.


A right-handed shooter will typically use a "cast off", whereas the stock bends slightly to the right of the centerline on the receiver.



A "cast on" stock bends the other way for a lefty.




Since every shooter is built slightly differently, the shims allow these angles to be adjusted to better fit your body and shooting style.


A good test is to focus on a distant target (spot on the wall will do), close your eyes, shoulder the gun trying to aim for the spot blindly, then open your eyes.


Depending on your natural point of aim, you may want to adjust the shims to make the gun point more accurately.


Follow this link and view the Episode 1 video.


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