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Benelli M3 vs M4?


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Cool. Thanks M1014. I appreciate the advice. I have the Fn SLP Mark 1 shotgun which is awesome and fun considering it is 8+1 semi-auto. A friend has a Benelli and I have heard good things and was about to purchase the M3, but read more about both the M3 and M4 on Benelli's sight and kinda been in a hold pattern. Again I appreciate the advice.

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As a recreational rifle for targets and possibility of using the rifle for hunting ( buying the longer barrel ) the M3 would be the best choice. If for a self defense weapon I would recommend the M4. In the moment of shock, stress and being pumped up. the M3 can become confussing and create miss loading during the pump or confussion between semi auto & pump. When split seconds count, you may not have the time.

There for I would recommend the M4. Think of what the intent of the weapon is for. Choosing a Benelli is your first step, now pick a model that will suit its intended purpose.



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I have an M-3 and can tell you that, with even a little practice, you can easily verify if gun is in semi-auto or manual operation. Simply release the bolt, pull the trigger, and then see if you can cycle the gun with the pump...if you can't it is in auto mode.


Also, with the M-3 you can shoot any load: tactical, tear gas, bean bags, rubber slugs, etc. With the M-4 you are limited to many less options.


Lastly, the M-3 will accomodate other barrels (26" etc.) and can also have the stock adjusted (shorter length of pull, better recoil pad etc) by any competent gunsmith. Don't know about the M-4.

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