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m-1 newbie questions


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I am new to these guns, I just picked up a m-1 with heckler-koch on the receiver, has the pistolgrip and extended mag tube, is this a legal configuration? Also, there is no provision to mount a sling on the forend, how would I mount one? Probably pretty basic (ie. dumb :rolleyes: ) questions, but I have to start somewhere, thanks.....tom


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hi Newbie,wise namebrand choice smile.gif ,,,,sounds like you have the tactical model,post a pic lets check it out man, as far as options go,I put on what I like,there are some law gurus on the AR 15 site so you can check it out. 102530.img introducing my children,left to right,M1014-----stoeger coach -------and last but not least my M1 super 90 tactical bad a**,note the factory front sling rings. peace my Benelli brother---------M1014 :cool:

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