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Looking For Gunsmith In the Roanoke, VA Area


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In order to use my Benelli M-3 shotgun to hunt in VA, I need to have the magazine plugged (which I assume can be done by inserting the proper size dowel rod) so that it will only hold 3 shells.


No need to answer. VA changed (but did not publish) new regs which eliminate the need for a shotgun plug!

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My Brother in law would just cut a pencil down to the correct length and install it and Arkansas Game & Fish had no problem with it but they did check prior to viewing the plug to see if his shotgun held the correct amount and just shook their heads and then suggested we look at "ALL" the ducks in the tow sack which were of course all legal!! Just lay out the shells and measure your dowl and then install it and it does not need to be a huge one, just big enough to keep shell from wedging in magazine!

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