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First time I took apart a tube mag. I nearly ended up with the spring in my eye!


Unfortunately, the Nova manual (downloadable from the Benelli website) is not at all clear. The SuperNova manual is not much better.


If you've removed what Benelli confusingly refer to as the 'shot plug' then, you should be OK. However, the first time I did it, I was also fitting and extended mag. tube and I finished up having difficulty inserting more than two or three cartridges into the mag. To avoid having a problem when you are actually out, using the gun, it might be worthwhile double checking that the mag. spring compresses properly and that cartridges feed through the magazine tube smoothly. If you can go somewhere where it is safe to load and check this out it could save having a jam when you are out shooting. If things do seem to be binding a little, I found that the easiest thing is to give the mag. follower a 'jiggle' and check that the spring isn't distorted. Worst case; you might have to take it apart and re-assemble again - it is a bit of an 'art'!






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