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  1. Be sure to clean your rifled barrel often if you use rifled slugs, because the lead will foul up the rifling fairly quickly. Other than that rifled slugs should be fine.
  2. I believe he meant that a two shot extension is for 3-1/2" shells, so if you add that capacity to the original 4+1 capacity, you will be able to add three 2-3/4" to this capacity. In total it would be a 7+1 capacity.
  3. It depends on which slug you use and at what distances.
  4. Try loosening the allen screws a little where the action bars connect to the forend.
  5. Just starting predator hunting in Indiana. Mainly coyotes and stray cats. I use a .243 though, as most shots are too far for a shotgun.
  6. Several manufacturers also make sights that clamp right onto the rib. Something you should definitely look into if you are considering hunting deer.
  7. beurhero1

    Slug Guns

    I would look into another brand besides Benelli if you want to swap barrels because extra Benelli barrels are almost impossible to find and outrageous in price.
  8. I have been looking to trade my rifled barrel for my Nova for awhile. If anyone can find a 18.5" barrel with ghost ring sights I could buy, I'll sell my slug barrel for the price of the HD barrel.
  9. You should never shoot a gun without the choke in, a rifled choke tube would yield the best results with sabot slugs. If you are looking at getting a slug gun for hunting in a shotgun only area, your best bet would be to get a dedicated slug gun with a cantilever barrel or a gun you do not remove the barrel from the receiver on (bolt action or single shot).
  10. beurhero1

    Nova Plug

    It really is that simple!
  11. I contacted Benelli CS a while ago BEFORE I bought my Nova 20 Ga asking if they made slug barrels. They responded they did not and no plans were in the works to manufacture a slug gun in 20 Ga. So I purchased a 12 Ga slug gun to go along with it, and no more than 2-3 months later they unveiled the 20Ga slug barrel. Am I supposed to believe they did not have any plans to manufacture that barrel a few months in advance? Those are the last Benellis i will purchase, not because I don't like them, but because Benelli reps either lied to me or had no idea what was going on. Either way it is poor CS.
  12. beurhero1

    Nova Receiver?

    There is no seem, just an indentation for the narrower pump handle to fit over the reciever.
  13. The stock on the SuperNova is seperate from the receiver and the trigger guard is oversized, that is all that comes to mind at the moment. The removable stock is a nice feature if you may want to change it in the future.
  14. If I am remembering correctly the combo comes with a cantilever slug barrel which you will need rings and a scope to mount on it. Make sure to get a good scope with plenty of eye relief to handle the recoil of slugs!
  15. I live in NE Indiana and use my Benelli's to hunt deer, small game, and pheasants. I'm just starting to look for jobs.
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