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cycle problems


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I experienced similar problems with a borrowed SBE2 this past weekend. Is your recoil tube clean? I noticed it seemed to occur when I would draw back the bolt partially inorder to check if a shell was chambered. Let it slam home from at least 2-3 inches or more. When I cleaned the gun I found that it had never been cleaned and the recoil tube contained a lot of debri.

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Does the bolt move far enough that it brings up the shell? Just doesn't fire? Since this is an inertia system, are you holding it tight? Tried other brands/loads? Specifically, try any heavy loads or did you do a heavy load break-in? Just trying to spout off a few obvious nuisance things that plague us from time to time. Hope it's just it needs a good break in with heavy stuff. Please let us know your progress.

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I have seen Tom Knapp and Tim Bradley shoot their SBEII's with one hand. The whole holding tight has some merit but not the be all end all. If he wasn't holding the gun tight with that big of shell he is going to get a pounding.


The gun needs to be truly degreased and clean. I use Gunslick stuff, Ultra-Klenz and then their oil on everything. Make sure there are no burs in the rails that the bolt slides on that could slow it down. Cylce by hand. If it feels smooth then my though unless something was faulty would be the shells. Benelli's don't like some shells. I personally have not found any that don't work in my Supersport or my wifes Montefeltro.


Use a shell that is at least 1 1/8 oz at 1200fps. I can shoot down to 7/8oz loads in my SS but have been told that the clay model like my gun has a lighter recoil spring compared to the Field models. Makes sense in the SBEII since it can shoot a 3.5 oz monster load.


Cycle that bad boy with some good hi quality ammo that is the biggest you can find at a high FPS like 1550fps. This will help "Break in" the gun. Shoot 3 or 4 boxes. From there clean and lube again and try your lighter loads. Most likely it will work UNLESS there is something really wrong with the gun.


And if that is the case do what Tucker said and call Customer Service. They are a great group of men and women that can help you.




P.S. If you are in SO California, PM me and maybe we can meet at a local range and I can give it a look see and maybe help you. Benelli's are a piece of cake and if they have a flaw it is usually able to be seen. Don't worry I would not do anything to the gun that would void the warranty. It may be a simple fix that you are not seeing.

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