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Loading procedure for the R1


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The R1 loading procedure in the manual is

1/ Pull back action and load the first shell.

2/ Push button to close action and arm the rifle.

3/ Insert 4 shot clip.


1/ On my R1 I have to empty my clip of amo and install an empty clip.

2/Then I pull back the action to load my first shell.

3/Push the button to close the action and arm the rifle.

4/Remove the clip and install 4 shells in my clip.

5/Than I reinstall my clip.


The action will not stay open unless I have an empty clip in the gun. If I follow my procedure it works every time. Never misses an autoload.


Apparently this gun is not designed to load from the clip. I wish the action would stay open without a clip and would not close when I install a full clip.


Is this loading procedure normal?? What is you experience.


Thanks Hoogy

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lock the bolt to the rear.

insert loaded magazine

pull bolt to the rear and release

this will load a round

at this point you can hunt with what is in the mag or drop it and insert an additional round.


Please keep the rifle on safe during all handling and keep the rifle muzzle in a safe direction.

Mine will both load from the magazine and stay open with an empty magazine. You may have a bad magazine or something wrong with the bolt lock.



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