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Loose, clanky Forehand on SuperNova


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Just bought a SuperNova and have noticed the Forehand pump seems to be loose, to the point where it has enough play in it to "clank" with slight movement back and forth, and side to side. My 30 yr old 870 Wingmaster is smooth and quiet in comparison. I saw an older post last year mentioning the same thing with recommendation to tighten the allen screws on side of forehand, which I did, but doesn't effect the "clankiness". Concern really is the noise level when i'm Turkey hunting. Does anyone have advise on fixing this or something I'll have to get used to???? Is this "normal" or did I get a lemon????

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My nova and super nova are a little clanky. I don't know why it is but it doesn't hurt the performace of the gun. I've ben turkey hunting for years with my nova's and I've never had a problem with noise. Your nova's action will get smoother over time. I have 2 novas and 1 supernova and they serve my just fine.



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