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SBE II vs. SBE barrel differnce


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I have been long time multiple Benelli owner.

I have always had to cover a target to be able to hit on a regular basis on all Benelli guns. Using the highest Shims provided.most loads shoot well below point of aim on all guns. I was told and have not been able to fine that Benelli raised the rib on the new barrels for this reason.


Anyone have that problem with the M1 or SBE besides me?


And did they raise the rib on the 2nd generation guns to fix this.


Can,t get them to answer the phone or call me or my 2 full line dealers back to answer question and see if they have replacement barrels are in stock.


Thanks for any insite....Gregor

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I basically have no idea what you are trying to say.


My old Benellis have always shot perfectly for me with the C shim. POA matches POI. Cover the bird, add whatever lead is appropriate, and shoot. I shot my low ribbed 1991 SBE the other day and tripled, doubled, and doubled again to limit on ducks in ten minutes.


My 2005 SBE II is a completely different gun. POI was well above the POA out of the box. Even with the C shim, it was hitting high. I added a ground down A shim to the C and got a close match to how my older Benellis shoot. But I love the gun so much for turkeys, that I just leave the B shim in it and keep it nice and safe for turkey season. Now I use a Browning Silver & BPS 10 gauge for waterfowl mostly. The Silver is 1/2 the gun the SBE II is, but it's fine in the duck blind and I shoot it well.


I don't know the year that Benelli went to the high rib barrel. Maybe 1998 or 1999? Maybe when Beretta Holdings bought Benelli? Dunno. Don't really care.


If you are looking for old flat rib barrels, good luck. No more gun parts on E-Bay and these barrels are in high demand. Maybe gunbrokers or gunsamerica?

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What I am trying to say is all my guns shoot low no matter what shim I have in the guns.


I am wondering if the taller rib on the M2 or SBE II would help me with this problem before I order a another barrel.


If they will ever answer the phone or return my dealers call and let us know if they have any extra barrels in stock. It has been two full weeks and no answer or returned phone call after leaving messages.


Thanks for your efforts in trying to help me.,, Gregor

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