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Luigi Franchi


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I am a collector of fine hunting weapons and recently my grandfather offered an Franchi Imperial Montecarlo Extra SxS, cal. 12 of 1951 with a pretty folder in leather, but that already he does not have the emblem of the mark.


As it is habitual in the other shotguns of the collection that I have, I try to always annex a catalogue of its time where photos and characteristics consist techniques of this model. To this instrument, I also buy books edited on hunting weapons where this model consists, either in photos, either in its historial.


On this model of the Franchi already I ran everything and I have not had success - either in forums Espanhois, Italians, English, Americans, either in web, either in sites of other collectors. is about a model of great quality, the best one that the mark manufactured for hunting.


Somebody in the forum can help to me to get it a copy, to buy... this catalogue, book... on its history, as well as in buying an emblem of Luigi Franchi to place in its case of transport?


Best regards

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Don't take this the wrong way but have you tried calling Franchi?

If anyone can sell you an emblem its them, and they might be able to point you in the right direction of a book that covers history of the model.


If it were me and all resources were exhausted.....


I would probably scan the logo and take it to one of those places that do desktop CNC carving and hand them the scan. They can scan it and the computer can carve it out of wood, metal, whatever....

A little research on Google, or your local phone book will produce someone capable of doing this.


Also when you are searching on this gun you might try spelling it "Franchi Imperiale" instead of "Franchi Imperial" you might get more results..


Your local library might have something also.. ( I think those are still around smile.gif )

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